In each issue of FieldNotes, we bring to light a product, company, or organization we believe in. In the December 2016 issue we featured: Meditation and Mindfulness.

I like to offer my patients approaches to add to their tool kits to help both raise the threshold for feeling stress & to have activities and practices that help release the stress we accumulate through the day. Two of my favorite recommendations are:

Maybe for the new year, you can take up a meditation practice, you will never regret gaining skill and practice in this area and it's the perfect tool to add to your ability to help yourself, whatever your complaints might be. Meditation and mindfulness give us the gift of being in the moment and of letting go of judgement about ourselves, our lives and others. It allows us to come center, to ground ourselves and relax so that when we do take up the work of our families, our homes, our jobs or other commitments, we arrive calmer, more focused and less harried. Enjoy!

- Amy Rothenberg, ND