In each issue of FieldNotes, we bring to light a product, company, or organization we believe in. In the December 2021 issue we featured Charity Navigator: A Tool to Help YOU When You Want to Help Others.Charity Navigator

There is so much need right now in the world, from food insecurity, to environmental issues, to public health disparities, to the refugee crisis, to the opioid epidemic, and so much more. During this end of the year time, when many of us want to make charitable donations, this tool is helpful to find charities where our resources will do the most good.

Charity Navigator is a charity assessment organization that evaluates hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations based in the United States, operating as a free 501(c)(3) organization. It provides insights into a nonprofit’s financial stability, adherence to best practices for both accountability and transparency, and results reporting. It is the largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities in the United States. It does not accept any advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates. Check it out when you have a moment and as you are able, if you are so moved, chip in to help others and to support the causes you believe in.