In each issue of FieldNotes, we bring to light a product, company, or organization we believe in. In the March 2018 issue we featured: Reusable Silicone Food Bags

What to do with Leftovers?reusable bags

I spend time and money creating healthy food and like to store it in a way that is healthy, too. Over the past few years, I have shifted to using glass, either in the form of glass containers made for that purpose or in glass jars I recycle or borrow from my canning supplies. But I still find need for different sized plastic bags for travel or storage. I am happy to have found reusable silicone food bags, as little pouches for snacks, for lunch, and for storage. These are food grade, BPA-free and eco-friendly as they can be washed, dried and reused over and again. Look for them in your local stores or online. I am not partial to any particular brand, but will purchase when on sale when I see them. Type into your browser Reusable Silicone Food Bags.

- Amy Rothenberg, ND