In each issue of FieldNotes, we bring to light a product, company, or organization we believe in. In the Summer 2015 issue we featured: Peggy O'Mara, of Mothering magazine

Peggy OMaraFor many of us coming of age in the 1970s and 1980s and then becoming parents ourselves, there were considerably fewer resources for information and inspiration. One I depended upon came to my mailbox every month: Mothering magazine. The editorials alone, written by publisher & editor (from 1980-2010), Peggy O'Mara, lifted my spirits & informed my own mothering path. And for me, over that same period of time, I began my own evolution as a doctor & teacher. I have long maintained that being a doctor has a huge impact on my parenting and conversely, being a mother influences my skills and efficacy as a doctor. And of course, both inform my writing and teaching. The magazine is no longer published but Peggy O'Mara has her own website, which you, too may well enjoy: which focuses on Family, Health & Justice. O'Mara continues to curate meaningful editorial content, useful information and beautiful photography. Check it out!

- Amy Rothenberg, ND