From the Kitchen of Dr. Amy Rothenberg

JuicingA friend lent us a juicer some months ago and we have been enjoying juicing lots of veggies and some fruit this summer. The benefit of juicing is that you can pack a lot of vitamins and minerals into juice but remember you are not getting the fiber! We enjoy juicing for a refreshing treat in the warm months; our favorite juice combo at the moment is: carrot, beet, apple, ginger root and turmeric root.

I sometimes repurpose the remainder pulp into muffin batter or soup stock and enjoy a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the juice. I will also juice greens with a little green apple and a shot of Tabasco! If you decide to do some juicing, don't overdo the fruits, too much sugar. And if you are looking to buy a juicer, understand the process involved with cleaning. There are many a juicer living lonely lives in kitchen cabinets because the cleaning process, well, just doesn't seem worth the effort!