From the Kitchen of Amy Rothenberg ND

We recently hosted a party where the dessert featured was crème brulée, one of Paul’s specialties. I am not going to post that recipe here this month, but what it left me with was 10 egg whites! I thought about making macaroons but decided one sweet dessert was plenty. So instead, I made 2 frittatas, served in the cast iron skillets where they baked. This is so easy and so delicious & works for breakfast, lunch or dinner or to bring to your office potluck.

Ingredients:Frittata smaller

  • One onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • Two hands full of kale, filleted and chopped up
  • One big carrot cut in half lengthwise & then again, chopped into small pieces
  • About a dozen eggs
  • Really any other veggies you want to add can work: red pepper, other greens, zucchini
  • A few sprigs of cilantro to decorate
  • ½ cup finely grated asiago cheese (or any other cheese you have on hand. Goat cheese works nicely or hard cheese)
  • ½ cup milk (I happened to use almond milk, but cow, soy or rice milk also works)

Take your dozen eggs or in this case 10 egg whites & 4 whole eggs, there is quite a bit of wiggle room here.

Sauté your onions & garlic in olive oil until clear (I use a cast iron skillet, that can then go directly into the oven). Add your other veggies, harder ones first, stir until al dente.

In a separate bowl whisk your eggs, cheese & milk.

Pour this mixture over the veggies in an oven safe baking container, don’t stir. Pop in your 350 degree oven & cook until the top is lightly browned and knife comes out clean, 10-20 minutes depending on how deep your baking container is!

I like serving right in the cast iron skillet. Slice & place on a plate with a sprig of cilantro & a piece of buttered toast! Yum!