Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu have worked with many autistic patients, from those with Asperger's Syndrome to those who are profoundly autistic.

Most every child has made some improvement, some subtle, others dramatic. A handful have had their diagnoses then questioned. They have had previously mute children begin to speak and those who cannot make eye contact begin to. They have seen many children be better able to learn and interact in social settings, they have watch families begin to enjoy some peaceful times with their children. They have had some resounding failures, like everyone who works with autistic patients, yet they do seem to help most of these patients & their families who they have had the privilege to work with.

Some of these children have been vaccine injured. Others were never vaccinated. They have worked with numerous families where more than one person was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. There are many routes to autism, many we do not yet know.

Most all of their autistic patients are undergoing other treatments at the same time, from behavioral to nutritional to secretin to chelation and everything in between-and homeopathy does not appear to interfere. It an be difficult to know what is working so we discourage parents from trying something else new when a homeopathic remedy is given.