This long time naturopathic tried and true home remedy, will knock your socks off - or at least help you or your child knock an acute winter ailment right out of your system.

Although this may sound to some like a form of water torture, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a safe, simple, inexpensive, effective hydrotherapy technique that I’ve been using and recommending for decades. My patients who try it quickly learn how effective it can be in helping relieve nasal or chest congestion, earaches, sinusitis, and colds or upper respiratory infections. It’s surprisingly pleasant to experience as well. And it works beautifully in conjunction with botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies or other medicines, both natural and conventional.

Note: this treatment should NOT be used by those who are very weak, who have a wool allergy or sensitivity, or who have a fungal infection on the skin of their feet.

You will need:cold wet sock image no words

  • thin cotton socks
  • thick wool socks
  • cold and hot water

After warming the patient with a hot bath or shower or else a hot foot bath or warm washcloth held to the feet, dry the feet and have them get into bed. Run the cotton socks under cold water, or better yet, dip them in a bowl of ice water. Wring out the socks until no more water drips out. Put these wet socks on the person’s feet and immediately put on the dry wool socks over them. Cover the person with warm blankets and have them rest or go to sleep.

The person’s body will dry the wet socks by pulling the circulation toward the feet and past all the organs of elimination. The immune system will be stimulated, and the person will sleep well. Throbbing may be felt in the feet. For optimum benefit, leave both sets of socks on throughout the night, even after the cotton socks have become dry.

For small children or people of weaker vitality, wet only the toes of the cotton socks. If you don’t have wool socks sized for kids, use larger ones folded down.

If you think you might like to recommend this treatment to someone, I encourage you to try it on yourself first. You will be better able to explain how to do it and what it feels like. Enjoy this treatment, and use it in good health!