by Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND DHANP

The first time I met eight year old Claire, she was charming and adorable and clearly had an abundance of confidence. Her jet black hair was cut in a pixie style and that word described her well. She chattered away with me, legs crossed like a grown-up and was animated and engaging. Pontificating about school, social group, siblings and the colours of the rainbow, she clearly loved being the main attraction, even in this doctor's office setting.

Ostensibly she was brought for the treatment of eczema and for chronic constipation. The skin eruptions were mostly found on the palmar side of her wrists and Claire could really scratch there, especially if her emotions were running strongly. She was chronically constipated, having 2 – 3 bowel movements a week without much urge to go; her mother helped her in this regard with reminders about fluid and fruit intake as well as the occasional dosage of bulking fibre. If the constipation went unchecked, the behaviour described below would worsen.

Once I had completed my initial interview as well as a screening physical, which did not reveal anything abnormal, I asked Claire to spend some time in the waiting/play room area so that I could speak with her mother alone. Claire complied readily and indeed, seemed eager to please, so it was a bit of a surprise to me when just as soon as the door closed, her mother began to cry.

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Article reprinted here with permission from Homeopathic Links, Winter 2009, Vol 22: 1-6