by Dr. Amy Rothenberg, ND DHANP

This 50 year old woman, Tina, first came to see me after suffering from severe attacks of vertigo which had left her unable to work. She presented as an obese and pale woman, knowledgeable about her own pathology and though somewhat apprehensive about trying something new, eager to report accurately. Her background in the medical profession helped enable her to describe her experience in particular detail.

I use a Cycles and Segments approach to all my new patients, which informs both the case-taking and case analysis. I have written up the following case to model how I apply the Cycles and Segments philosophy and practice into daily patient care. Once the concepts of this methodology are understood, the computer repertory program RADAR with its Herscu Module, facilities the analysis process. I use the program during the interview, which helps to inform my line of questioning. While no repertory program can or should lead the interview, they can help us to hone in on what needs to be cured. In that respect, a clear visual representation of the pattern of illness, which the Herscu Module offers, is useful to me while I am taking the case as well as when I am done and thinking about choosing one remedy to give.....

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