Fact Sheet: An Act Establishing a Board of Registration in Naturopathy

New Bill # S2148 as of 2/26/16

House bill sponsors: Representatives Kaufman, Kulik, Story, Benson, Decker, Vega, Hogan, Smizik, Muratore, Day and Senators Pacheco and O'Connor Ives.

Senate bill sponsors: Senators Pacheco, Lewis, Eldridge, O'Connor Ives, Gobi and Representatives Fernandes, Provost, and Kocot.

What this bill does: This legislation requires licensure for naturopathic doctors to practice in Massachusetts, by establishing educational and practice standards and a board of registration to regulate the profession.

This bill will not: Prevent any private citizen or other health care provider from providing or using natural therapies.

Why this bill is needed: Licensure ensures high quality naturopathic care in Massachusetts by protecting the consumer from unqualified practitioners who claim to be naturopathic doctors. Licensure will improve access to complementary medicine because more qualified specialists in natural medicine will be encouraged to practice in Massachusetts.

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