figsIf nothing else, I have a husband who is steadfast and determined. Many years ago he decided that he wanted to cultivate figs. Many of you know we live in New England, with its invigorating, beautiful, often frost-laden landscape, not exactly a fig country!

But after consulting many a fig lover and fig grower, after years of disappointment and fig tree deaths, we had our first bountiful harvest this year, in fact we are still delicately pulling the succulent, purple velvety fruits off the sturdy boughs of our 12 fig tree orchard. Each time I bite into one of our fresh figs or if I look at this picture to the right of Paul's first scrumptious harvest, it illuminates the power of desire, the beauty of determination, fighting for what you want and the sweet light of success.

The same can be said of naturopathic doctors toiling on legislative efforts to gain licensure and working for this profession to achieve its rightful place in the healthcare landscape.

We've had some good news this season. Last month, the United States Senate declared October 7-14th National Naturopathic Medicine week; in the state of Massachusetts, our bill for licensure passed favorably out of the Joint Committee of Public Health (where I happily testified last week!); in Pennsylvania, the ND bill passed out of the House of Representatives for the first time and our ND neighbors to the north in Vermont last week are now allowed full prescription rights similar to those for any primary care doc.

This is heady stuff for this profession and a testament to steadfast determination to educate people about naturopathic medicine and to move ahead against all kinds of odds. Here's to setting goals, remaining steadfast to our beliefs, staying on track, not giving up in the face of adversity or repeated disappointment!

I cannot send you each a delicate fig, but I can leave you with a fig poem.

Happy autumn,
Dr. Amy Rothenberg
Enfield, CT